Manage and Dispatch With Confidence

Prefix Vendor Management Screen

Prefix is flexible.

Prefix Managed Service Screen

Leverage our Managed Service

We are NOT a marketplace—and we’re proud of it.

Prefix streamlines vendor selection, managing work orders end-to-end, leveraging over two decades of experience. We guard against issues like over-billing and incomplete work, removing the complexities of traditional marketplaces and saving you from hefty fees.


Finding and keeping great Service Techs is HARD

At Prefix, we allow you to work with your preferred vendors, supporting any contact preference, even if they don't want to use our platform.

Prefix Vendor Contact Screen
Prefix Vendor Routing Screen


Rank and route work to your team

Prefix makes it easy to rank order your internal team right alongside external vendors. So you can always send work to your technicians, tracking their productivity and spend.

Leverage our DATA

Build a bench of top-notch talent

Prefix simplifies vendor management, rank them, and provide data for quick identification of under performers. With Managed by Prefix as a back stop, you're never without an option. Building a top-notch team has never been easier.

Prefix Vendor Ranking Screen