Asset-level Everything

Prefix Asset Management Screen
Prefix Asset Enrichment Screen

Asset Enrichment

Prefix’s library with tens of thousands of serialized asset models provides you and your team with a rich experience out of the box.
We scrape the web and compile this data into one centralized location so you don't have to. View owners manuals, parts list, spec sheets, warranty statements, authorized service agent lists, and more as soon as you add your make and model to Prefix.

Manufacturer-specified Maintenance

We even take this one step further by pulling out the manufacturer-suggested preventative maintenance plans.
This gives you the confidence you’re doing what is necessary for your more expensive assets, ensuring they stay up and running.

Prefix Maintenance Plan Screen
Prefix Repair vs Replace Screen

Repair vs. Replace Decision Making

Retaining equipment beyond its optimal usable life can result in significant costs. Prefix equips you with the tools needed to make informed decisions in determining the lifespan of your assets.
We leverage multiple indicators to provide you with confidence in assessing your assets' usable life, creating depreciation schedules, and facilitating budgeting for the future.

Warranty Management

Streamline warranty tracking with Prefix. We automatically extract and capture manufacturer warranty guidelines from the warranty statement, providing you with confidence in understanding covered items and the remaining duration of the warranty.

Prefix Warranty Management Screen
Prefix Group Work Screen

Grouped Work

Prefix enables you to group and batch work to your assignees. This allows you to create asset-level tracking on a refrigeration PM, even if you have 20 refrigeration units.
You can also generate wishlists, like a handyman wishlist to track and send out a group of small repairs. This saves you time, money and disruption to your business.
Prefix intelligently attributes the single invoice to each asset in the group, so you know exactly how much you’re spending down to the asset level.