Simplify ‘Being Proactive’

Prefix Preventative Maintenance Screen
Prefix Maintenance Plan Screen

Sleep easy knowing Prefix has your back

Everyone knows that Preventative Maintenance is essential to facilities uptime, but how do you know if you’ve got everything covered?
Prefix analyzes the preventative maintenance plans you have in place and compares that to our library of data. We leverage top facilities managers, manufacturer-recommended best practices and AI to ensure no asset goes uncovered.

PMs are Core to Prefix

At Prefix, Preventative Maintenance (PM) isn't merely an “add-on”. It's woven into the very fabric of our product. We've engineered our preventative maintenance system to make tracking and completing PMs as straightforward as processing repair work orders.
Prefix allows facilities managers to work with vendors to confirm the completion of tasks on your preventative maintenance checklist.
Regardless of whether you're managing a single asset or a hundred, our intelligent cost attribution delivers granular, asset-level financial data for all work orders, enabling you to monitor and analyze PM details with unprecedented ease and precision.

Prefix Maintenance Work Order Screen
Prefix Maintenance Plan Screen

Flexible Preventative Maintenance Software

At Prefix, we do more than offer basic tracking in our maintenance schedule software. Our extensive data library includes information on various kitchen equipment manufacturers and models. This comprehensive data set empowers you to harness the power of AI in generating tailored preventive maintenance tasks specific to your assets. Our data library for assets bridges gaps.

Prefix offers a flexible approach to billing management and payment methods. We can parse each invoice for every asset, giving you a detailed understanding of your expenditure. Our preventative maintenance software lets you see how much you spend on all of your assets.

Interested in Prefix?

Prefix helped implemented a refrigeration preventative maintenance plan which led to over $40k in savings.

With our 90-day action plan, we typically uncover savings that more than exceed our costs for the entire year.