The Prefix Mission

Restaurant operators understand how important facility uptime is to their business.

A broken ice-cream machine loses you incremental dessert sales. A down AC unit on a hot summer day means you can’t open your doors. And a cookline full of unreliable equipment dives even your most dependable employees to look for an exit.

I founded Prefix with the mission of maximizing your facility uptime. I have a background in mechanical engineering, a passion for the restaurant industry, and a drive to build amazing products.

Along with an incredible, dedicated team, we’re working to improve facilities management, helping you to succeed in an unrelenting restaurant industry.

We’ve already made some amazing improvements to the status quo, but we’re just getting started.
Jared Schwartzentruber
Founder and CEO

The Prefix Team

Mike Messinger
Head of Sales
Deanna McClure
Account Director
Geoff Ereth
Engineering Manager
Dan Verdin
Product Engineer
Esop Baek
Technical Project Engineer
Nikki Bergamini
Senior Engineer