Facilities Management Your Restaurants will Love

With Prefix, managing facilities is a breeze, not a burden. Spend smarter — reduce costs, increase revenue and reduce risk by maximizing your facility uptime.

Facilities Management Your Restaurants will Love

With Prefix, managing facilities is a breeze, not a burden. Spend smarter - reduce costs, increase revenue and reduce risk by maximizing your facilities uptime.

Prefix is fast.
Really Fast.

Document asset-level issues in seconds.

Restaurant managers have enough on their plate. That’s why Prefix is focused on making it easier than ever before to submit issues without compromising on the details.
Combining AI technology with restaurant facility management software automatically bolsters your team’s communication with the asset-level data you and your vendors need to make better decisions.

Onboard in a single day.

Start creating and sending work orders to your vendors day one.
Our comprehensive library of assets supercharges you right out of the box.
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And of course, if you’re a tinkerer, it’s easy to customize and permission everything to fit your unique organizational needs.

World-class app performance and uptime.

Don't wait around for your CMMS software during your time of need. Prefix restaurant facility management software has best-in-class responsiveness and uptime.
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200ms average response time
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99.9% site-wide uptime
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A facility management software rollout has never been this easy and painless.

“Prefix was so much faster and easier to onboard across 55 locations than it was to onboard Service Channel at my previous company of only 19 locations.”

The smartest way to manage your facilities.

More than just a work order management, Prefix is the holistic Facilities Management solution.
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Preventative Maintenance

Take the guess work out of PMs. Our comprehensive library of assets compares your current PMs to the manufacture-suggested plans to give you confidence you’re covered with our computerized maintenance management system.
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Vendor Management

Effortlessly engage with top vendors through Prefix's managed service or maintain relations with your preferred vendors, no matter their contact preference. Prefix allows you to work and build solid relationships with your vendors on your terms. Customize a workflow that works for your needs.
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Form Checklists

Ensure your facilities are always exceeding your brand standards. Prefix checklist forms drive action to ensure issues are addressed in a timely and meaningful way.
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Serialized Asset Management

We scrape the web for warranty info, owners manuals, parts list, and more. We even take this a step further by pulling out the manufacture-specific troubleshooting and maintenance plans from these documents. Teeing this information up at the right place and time supercharges your team.
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See the value right away.

With our financial audit and 90-day action plan, we typically uncover savings that more than exceed our costs for the entire year.

Costs can quickly add up when it comes to maintaining facilities. Prefix optimizes resource allocation to identify where savings can be made, ultimately reducing overall expenses.


Reduce reactionary CapEx costs for a 33-location restaurant group

Prefix ROI: <0 days*


Reduce reactionary repair costs for a 60-location restaurant group

Prefix ROI: <60 days
“Within 90 days, Prefix's comprehensive maintenance audit revealed strategic opportunities to save tens of thousands of dollars. This insightful analysis underscores the invaluable impact Prefix restaurant facility management can bring to financial and operational optimization.”