The future of facilities management

Prefix is designed for kitchens from the ground up.
Eliminate busy work with automated tasks, reminders, and data entry.


Automate Complexity

Prefix is powerful right out of the box. Leverage our comprehensive library of equipment-specific troubleshooting steps, maintenance plans, and warranty information, all backed by America’s leading facilities managers.
Prefix gives you clarity into your facilities like never before. Build a true picture of your facilities, whether it’s repair or maintenance, internal or external.
With our automated invoice capture, Prefix captures the true cost of ownership for each asset. Prefix makes it easy to stay on budget and find the costly outliers quickly and with precision.
Whether it’s complex work orders that require multiple stakeholders, or monthly walkthroughs and inspections, Prefix can handle it. Consolidate your different applications and improve visibility on how these activities impact your assets.

Drive better decisions

Leverage Prefix’s fully integrated asset management tools. Track spend across maintenance and repair to understand true cost of ownership. Find blind spots in your facilities plan.

Eliminate busy work

Force multiply your facilities team and empower your location managers. Prefix encodes your experts’ knowledge and oversight into shared workflows with granular permissions and clear sight lines.

Develop trust

Build lasting relationships with your Service Techs. Flexible tools built with your vendors in mind, Prefix enables and accelerates those cherished “drop everything for your emergencies” relationships.

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